Bankerway T24 Offshore Development Services

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    Oracle is a global leader in the software market. Bankerway, specialises in the following systems from Oracle.
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Linux
    • Oracle WebLogic
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    Temenos T24

    Temenos is the global leader in banking software, with its flagship product Temenos T24. Whether, you are looking for
    • Strategic consultancy
    • Technical consultancy
    • Business consultancy
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    IBM is a global leader in the software and hardware market. Bankerway, specializes in the following systems from IBM.
    • IBM AIX
    • IBM PowerLinux
    • IBM WebSphere AS
    • IBM WebSphere MQ
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    Redhat is the global leader in Open Source professionally supprted systems. Bankerway, specializes in the following systems from Redhat.
    • Redhat Linux Enterprise Server
    • Redhat Jboss Application Server
    • Redhat Jboss Fuse ESB
    • Redhat Jboss Rules Engine
    • Redhat Jboss Business Process Manager
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About BankerWay

BankerWay is a banking systems integrator and service provider. Our experts use proven methodologies to help banks with technically complex and mission-critical challenges. We are recognized for our proficiency in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services in banking transformation projects, hybrid system integration and system customization. Our expertise with financial institutions spans over many domains including:

  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Forex and Stock Brokers

At BankerWay, we understand the challenges faced by banks and financial institutions in maintaining competitive advantage in the face of rapid changes in consumer demands, the emergence of new and advanced technologies, and growing competition.

BankerWay has proven its ability to stay agile in its role as a true service provider and in ensuring alignment of technology services with business priorities. We bring our management consulting experience, business acumen, industry knowledge, and technical proficiency to truly understand our clients’ needs and help them to realize the potential of their IT investments. Working collaboratively with our partners, such as IBM, Oracle and Temenos, we have delivered comprehensive transformation initiatives, optimized the use of business applications and simplified ongoing application management, while reducing risk and end user disruption.

BankerWay, operating from its office in Beirut, provides its clients with a set of specialized services and products including:

  • Professional Services
  • System Integration
  • Banking IT Consultancy
  • Core Banking Transformation
  • Project Resourcing
  • Banking Systems Testing

Helping clients make better decisions, lower operating costs, maximize profitability and build a robust organization using stellar technology is the Banker Way promise.

Your success is our commitment.